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Both feature selective fire capability. The barrels of both are a little over 16 inches in length. The barrel ends of both are threaded to accept a blank adapter. The StG in service features a thread protector, while the AK 47 series is fitted with a simple sugar scoop compensator The StG 44 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 44, assault rifle 44) is a German selective-fire assault rifle developed during World War II by Hugo Schmeisser.It is also known as the MP 43 and MP 44 (Maschinenpistole 43 and 44).The StG 44 was an improvement of an earlier design, the Maschinenkarabiner 42(H).. The StG 44 was the first successful assault rifle, with features including an intermediate.

Kalashnikov Vs. Sturmgewehr 44

  1. StG 44 vs AK-47, which is better and why
  2. ..except the STG-44 is a striker fired design and the AK uses a hammer. The STG-44 is more similar to the VZ-58 rifle that the Czech's use. I think Kalashnikov was influenced by the profile of the rifle and the durability of the magazines, but decided to produce a simpler design
  3. The AK-47 is a gas operated rotating bolt, while the StG-44 is a tilting bolt but both bolt carriers are identical but the gas tube of the StG-44 is longer and its not interchangeable to one another because of the action. It has a shorter recoil spring compared to the StG-44 that's why later AK variants have underfolding stocks and side folding
  4. The Topic of this thread is STG 44 or AK 47. Which is better? anymore off topic posts will result in post ban. Thank you Sauron Super-Moderator youdidntseeme. posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 09:30 AM link . My choice between these two for this situaton would definetly be the Kalishnikov. I had one for a period of time and it was very very reliable
  5. The StG44 was an interim design. It was to be superceded by the StG45 during May 1945. If Germany had survived WWII intact the Cold War would see NATO armed with the StG45 plus the original 7.92mm Kurz FN FAL vs the Warsaw Pact armed with the AK-47
  6. The AK-47 use a rotating bolt; The StG-44 use a tilting bolt; ergonomics of the gun is very different; So basically comparing the StG-44 and AK-47 is like comparing the AK to the vz. 58. As i was saying, the AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov with collaboration with some former Nazi engineers

Favorite Answer. The AK47 was designed like the STG 44. That means that it shot an round that was bigger than a sub-machine gun, but smaller than a large rifle round. The purpose for this was to.. AK-47 Vs STG-44. Fanart. 91 comments. share. save hide report. 99% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. level 1. 107 points · 4 months ago. AK-47 in this art reminds me of Tanya for some reason. level 2. SturmGewehr 44 is all you need. 56 points · 4 months ago В видео были использованы материалы из программы - оружейного симулятора World of Guns: Steam: http. Hosted by Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret.), this episode compares an AK-47 to an M16 to an MP44 When remembering the dead, we should focus on their good deeds. But in the case of general-lieutenant Mikhail Kalashnikov, who just died at the age 94, the creator of the famous, or rather infamous, AK-47 automatic rifle, and a few other things could have been mentioned in the New York Times obituary of 24 December 2013. Indeed, a number of important facts deserve to be clarified

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  1. ent mechanical ones being that it utilizes a tilting-bolt locking system ( similar to the StG 44 and FN-FAL ) versus the AK's rotating-bolt system
  2. AK-47 vs STG-44 , superior? since the Stg-44 was the daddy of the AK-47 is it superior , it shot a 7.92mm round and the AK-47 a 7.62mm round so I guess it does more damage , I also belive it was more accurate but I don't know if superior. Answer Save. 9 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous
  3. StG44 vs AK-47 Thread starter Soren; Start The STG-44 weighed 5.1 kg unloaded, compared to the lee enfields 3.71 kg . The 98K weighs 3.9 kg, the FG 42 (not the MG 42) 4.5 kg, arisaka weigh4.31. The Garand weighs 4.37 kg So while it is heavy, this was an acceptable price to pay for a fully operational assault rifle

It was the first select fire, intermediate cartridge, detachable magazine fed weapon. It changed warfare tactics and both the m4 and ak-47 are based off of it, not in design perhaps, but in employment. It has been argued that the original ak-47 borrowed a lot from the stg44 as far as design, but the ak has changed over time Many people cite that the AK-47 was heavily influenced by the StG44, a claim that holds some merit when looking at the long stroke piston system both guns use, the use of an intermediate cartridge, and the fact the Hugo Schmeisser (the designer of the StG44) worked in the Soviet weapons industry after WWII jason41987: i honestly dont believe the STG.44 would have made much of a difference even if hitler had accepted the concept of an assault rifle early enough for these to be designed using better metals for a lighter, more durable, more refined rifle because the M1 carbine used by many people filled the same role very nicely. As for better? The 7.62x39 cartridge has a better BC and range then the 7.92x33 cartridge. They both weigh 122-125 grains. So, in that regard the AK is a better rifle ballistically speaking. The AK is also lighter. Reliability of the StG vs AK, I am unsure, however the rotating bolt design does improve extraction reliability StG 44 vs AK-47. If one looks at the German StG-44 (MP-44) assault rifle placed next to a Russian AK-47, the resemblance is (to me, anyway) somewhat striking. Kalisnikov swears that the resemblance is purely coincidental, and that the operating systems of the two rifles are entirely diffrent. I think the latter is true

StG 44 vs AK-47, which is better and why? Yahoo Answer

Some experts point to the similarity of the StG-44 and the AK-47, and also mention the fact that Schmeisser - together with a group of German engineers - was forced to work in the Soviet Union. An image tagged hey can i copy your homework,gun

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Hugo Schmeisser (left) the designer of the StG-44, and Mikhail Kalashnikov (right), designer of the AK-47. Image composited by the post author. The following is an article that was originally written in Russian by TFB contributor Maxim Popenker, and Andrey Ulanov, and translated to English by Peter Samsonov The STG44 and AK-47 are similar superficially, but operate on vastly different mechanical principles. About the only thing they have in common is the vague concept of a select fire rifle firing an intermediate cartridge, and a long stroke piston. The most you could say is that this gun inspired the AK-47 Pušku StG 44 přijal Wehrmacht a Schutzstaffel v roce 1944. Používá střelivo 7,92 × 33 mm Kurz . AK-47 byla sovětskou armádou přijata v roce 1949, používá střelivo 7,62 × 39 mm M43 Shop for Best Price German Stg 44 Vs Ak 47 And Hesse Ak 47 Receiver .Compare Price and Options of German Stg 44 Vs Ak 47 And Hesse Ak 47 Receiver from variety

That's the case of the German StG44, the Sturmgewehr used by the German forces in the last months and years of World War 2: it was the first assault rifle ever, and the biggest source of inspiration for Mikhail Timofe'evič Kalashnikov when he worked on his AK-47 The 7.92 kurtz round of the stg was similar to the AK-47 round of today, so a lot more effective range. marc780, Jul 29, 2010 #8. TacticalTank Member. Joined: Jan 26, 2011 Messages: 175 Likes Received: 5 Location: Canada. I see most people hear replied: STG-44 however, this may true but what about close qaurters? What about rounds per minute. Internally, the AK-47 is an M1 Garand with the action flipped upside down and the opperating rod on top instead of on the side. Mikhail may have come up with that idea without ever actually handling or even seening a STG 44 based on similarities to SMG designs of the day I plan on buying a CYMA CM028 AK-47. I originally wanted to buy WWII guns only, but $100 for a gun like this (which has a very good reputation) was too good to pass up. Alas, the AK-47, to me, looks very much like an STG-44. How easy do you think it would be to touch up the exterior so it looks something like the German assault rifle

Did the STG - Sturmgewher 44 influence the Russian

Officers of the East German Volkspolizei parading through the streets of Neustrelitz in 1955. The StG 44 remained in service until the early 1960s. By Bundesarchiv - CC BY-SA 3.0 de. It has also been widely claimed that the StG 44 directly influenced the design of the AK-47, the most widely used assault rifle of the 20 th century. However. Bullet StG 44 Assault rifle AK-47 Cartridge - Bullets PNG image png png for Free Downloa Repliky samopalů MP-40, MP-41, Stg-44, Mauser 98K, Colt M16A1, Špagin PPSh-41, Sten gun MkII, Garand M1, AK-47, Thompson M1 192 The rebel member who posted the video mistakenly claimed that they had found 5,000 AK-47s. Nope, turns out they stumbled upon 5,000 German via The Sturmgewehr 44 was the first assault rifle developed by Nazi Germany, how did so many end up in the Syrian desert

Hugo Schmeisser (24 September 1884 - 12 September 1953) was a German developer of 20th century infantry weapons.. Schmeisser was born in Jena, Thuringia.His father, Louis Schmeisser (1848-1917), was one of the best-known weapons designers in Europe. The life and work of Hugo Schmeisser mostly took place in the weapons manufacturing city of Suhl, Thuringia Technical Details for GSG-AK47. This site uses cookies. If you not change browser settings, you agree to it

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The AK-47 .22 LR appears to be patterned after the updated AK-100 series of rifles. The AK-100 variants are post-Cold War AKs based on the AK-74 assault rifle. The AK-100 series were born from the AK-74M, which featured polymer-constructed forends and buttstocks. The entire AK-100 series is a family of assault rifles based around standardized. re: stg-44---->ak-47 Post by Kocur » 13 Dec 2010, 18:28 MIEKAT wrote: not only the same country but right time and profession o maybe you believe that germans dig up snow or nothing doing for six years how states official propaganda While some took up the Vietnam War, or the nuclear bomb, or even Dr. King, I decided to research the the AK-47, and via that massive project, I learned at great about the Sturmgewehr 44 and it's role in firearm's history. When it comes to the importance of the StG44 assault rifle, it stands as the progenitor of the primary tool of infantry. The StG 44 remained in service with this organization until the early 1960s.Generally accepted as the world's first assault rifle, the StG44's effect on post-war arms design was wide-ranging, as evidenced by Mikhail Kalashnikov's AK-47, and later in the U.S. M16 and its variants. The Soviet Union was quick to adopt the assault rifle concept

This is an outstanding example of an extremely rare, all original and unaltered WWII Nazi STG44 (SturmGewehr 44) assault rifle with all matching numbers that is complete with one late war MP44 marked magazine. The STG44 select fire rifle was a continuation of the MP44 series of weapons which was designed for mass production using several stamped sheet and welded steel parts The Sturmgewehr 44 or Stg 44 was a German automatic rifle and the first assault rifle. It was designed in 1942, it was a continuation of the Maschinenkarabiner 42 (made by Haenel) and produced between September 1943 and May 1945. This flat stamped piece of metal, with a wooden butt, had a rate of fire of 500 rounds/min, muzzle velocity of 685 m/s and the magazine held 30 7.92×33mm Kurz rounds. This article is meant to provide raw facts, data, ballistics, and personal experiences on both the AK-47(7.62x39), and AR-15 (5.56x45mm) in an effort to provide a foundation of knowledge. There is again so much disinformation out there that GunData.org wants to provide hard and reliable data. Please like, share, and tweet this article in any way possible German Tech: Stg.44 versus AK 47 The STG or MP44 are reputed to be the first true assult rifles , and they came into use during the last part of the 2nd world war in germany. They are excellent weapons a bit better engineered than the simpler AK47 which is thought to be a reworked copy of the mp44.

The world's first true assault rifle, the StG44 arrived too late to significantly affect the outcome of the war, but it gave birth to an entire class of infantry weapons that include famous names such as the AK-47 and the M16. After World War II, the StG44 was retained for use by the East German Nationale Volksarmee (People's Army) until it was replaced by the AK-47 StG 44's have been used, photographed, and captured during the Arab-Israeli Wars, the Vietnam War, and in East Africa's violent eruptions. During the infamous Battle of Mogadishu in 1992, many of the rifles carried by the Somali gunmen were found to be StG-44s, not the AK-47s that US troops had expected Myth 1: the Kalashnikov is a copy of the German StG 44. After the victory in World War II, the design bureau of Hugo Schmeisser worked in Izhevsk and helped upgrade the AK-47 The reason why I bought a stg instead of an original' ak-47 is because the feel of the gun fit my larger framed body better and it had chromed-lined barrel, and is US made,except the Romainian receiver it is built upon. I hope I turned someone's eye to the Stg-2000c. Thank and support your local gun store

The Germans developed the StG 44 rifle and the intermediate 7.92x33mm Kurtz cartridge a few years later during World War II and they had a major impact on the trajectory of firearms design. Indeed, the Soviets were so impressed by the capabilities of the StG 44 and 7.92x33mm Kurtz on the Eastern Front that they decided to develop a similar. If you searching to check on Smith And Wesson Ak 47 Price And Stg 44 And Ak 47 price kalashnikov, weapon, rifles, gun, diagrams, StG 44, AK-47, AK-74, CZ vz. 58, AS Val, AR-15, 9A-91, SIG SG 550, HK416, Heckler & Koch G36, Heckler & Koch, FN F2000, FN. The term battle rifle was created largely to better differentiate the intermediate power rifles like the StG-44, AK-47 and M16 from full powered rifles like the FN FAL, M14 and H&K G3 as both classes of firearms have a similar appearance and share many of the same features such as detachable magazines and pistol grips. Battle Rifle also. Replica German WWII MP44 Sturmgewehr 44 or STG 44 New Made Item: Simply put, this is the very best full size, full weight replica non-gun MP44 available anywhere. It doesn't shoot but it works! This is a very impressive reproduction of the Classic German WW2 Assault Rifle of history and legend

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Сравнение АК-47 и StG44 | Журнал «Калашников». Оружие. AK-47 vs STG -44 , superior?... an all around much better gun. The STG -44 was heavy especially for a weapon that had... and kill the other person on the side. The STG -44 is a completely separate development from the 9 Answers · Politics & Government · 10/09/2013

The StG 44 fired the 7.92x33 mm Kurz, which was a shortened version of the 8 mm Mauser cartridge. This gun and ammunition combination helped to fill the mid-range combat niche in the German's. A STATUE dedicated to the inventor of the AK-47 rifle had to be altered after it was pointed out it featured the wrong gun. (StG 44) assault rifle used by the Nazis during the invasion of the.

Specimens of the StG.44 are very difficult for collectors to obtain since only about 440,000 units were made before Germany was defeated. Consequently, real StG. 44s are expensive, and as with any firearm capable of automatic fire, can only be legally owned by civilians who have obtained clearance from BATFE.However, German Sport Guns manufactures the semi-auto StG 44 chambered in .22 LR. The AK-47 makes its return in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS).. The AK-47 resembles both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's and the console version of Call of Duty: Black Ops's own wooden AK-47.. Campaign [edit | edit source]. The AK-47 is the most common weapon in the campaign, as it appears in every mission, which means that the ammo would never be a problem The Sturmgewehr is modeled after the STG-44, which partly influenced the development of the Soviet AK-47, specifically the barrel and front sight but it uses features from other real life rifles with the front charging handle and rear sight modeled after a G3, and the trigger group and magazine being modeled after an FN FAL

German Sport AK-47 Magazine Mag 22LR 10-Rd FLAT SHIPPING! BACKORDERED ATI Mag GSG MP40 22LR 10Rd. Caliber/Gauge: 22LR Magazine Capacity: 10Rd American Tactical Imports, Inc. Mag GSG STG-44 Magazine 22LR 25Rd GSG STG-44 Germ4440103, Model: GSG STG-, Caliber: 22LR, Capacity: 25Rd, Fit: GSG STG-44, Type: Mag, Manufacturer: American Tactical Im.. 1949, the AK-47 was officially accepted by the Soviet Armed Forces[11] and used by the majority of the member states of the Warsaw Pact. The original AK-47 was one of the first assault rifles of 2nd generation, after the German StG 44.[12] Even after six decades the model and its variants remain th AK-47 vs AK-74 comparison. The AK-47 and AK-74 are both Russian-made assault rifles designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK in the name refers to Kalashnikov (K) automatic (A) rifles and the numbers refer to the year in which they were designed (1947 and 1974). In 1978, the Soviet U.. Two years ago, I wrote about the prototype of STG-44 rifle in .22LR.Recently, I got my hands on the updated version and tested it. The trigger is much improved. Now it is lighter and no longer gritty. The click-adjustable rear sight still has to be raised to get correct point of impact.However, it's now less miscalibrated than before—instead of a 600m mark for 25 yards, it's about a 300m. Ian McCollum. The rifle above is a curious example of weapons coming full-circle and being reinvented. This is the 44 Bore rifle, a colloquial name given to AK type rifles rechambered for the German 7.92 x 33 mm Kurz (sometimes referred to as 8 x 33 mm) cartridge in Pakistan.How this cartridge came to be popular in the tribal areas of Pakistan is something of a mystery

The SAM7K-44 pistol is ideal for sport shooting, self-defense, and for pistol hunting. The SAM7K-44 adds a new chapter to the best pistol of its kind in the world. Arsenals Exclusive Milled And Forged Receiver. Each SAM7K-44 pistol receiver is milled from a hot-die hammer forged receiver blank by the Arsenal Co. of Bulgaria STG-44 and AK-47 Rear Sights . Ron Wheeler's (RonzTucson05) Recent Uploads. #YourHashtag (unclaimed) RonzTucson05's Bucket (927) Recent Uploads . Mobile Uploads . Facebook Albums. Slideshow Story Select all . View as: AK47 & STG44 Sights 1 . AK47 & STG44 Sights 2. Followings its success the firm moved on to another world famous firearm, the ubiquitous AK-47. Look-alike. It was with great excitement that I travelled to York Guns the UK distributor for GSG products to pick up a GSG-AK-47 for review. Making their .22 semi auto guns resemble so-called real firearms was a very shrewd move AR-15 rifles are lighter and have a higher rate of accuracy than the AK-47, but the AK-47 is considerably cheaper and more dependable in comparison.Both are extensively used by the military and police, as well as for general purpose hunting rifles and self-defense. The AK-47 is an assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union in the 1940s, while the AR-15 is an assault. www.tiktok.co

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Is the AK-47 a copy of the German Sturmgewehr 44? - Quor

GSG STG-44 .22 LR 25-Round Magazine - $19.99 This is a factory 25-round magazine for GSG STG44 rifles. The German STG-44 is one of the most revolutionary firearms of the last century—the world's first intermediate assault rifle and the predecessor to guns like the AK-47 and the M-16 Russian engineer Mikhail Kalashnikov used captured STG-44s as part of the inspiration for his AK-47. It is unclear how the weapons came to be in Syria. The Soviet Union recovered upwards of a hundred thousand pieces that were made by Germany in 44 and 45 danielitalo746 > Magnific Album > Evolution STG-44 AK 47. Play As. 24. Croatian Ak-47 30rd magazine Steel New BHO Bolt Hold open. In Stock. $19.99. Add To Cart. GSG STG-44 SCHMEISSER 25 Round 22LR Polymer Magazine . In Stock. $299.99. Add To Cart. HK G3 20 RD 308 Magazine in Excellent to like New condition. In Stock. $9.99. Add To Cart. HK G3 20 RD 308 Magazine Surplus Aluminum Magazine New Hosted by Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret.), this episode compares an AK-47 to an M16 to an MP44

Which is better, Stg 44 or the AK 47? Yahoo Answer

if i had a spare AK kit i would build a 6.5g AKM and play with the stock AK mags as their so close to working. it looks doable. Last edited by ah1whiskey; 12-12-2015 at 06:08 PM . 12-12-2015, 06:42 PM #1

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